- You have no idea what I’m going through right now.
- Then tell me. That’s how this works. You talk to me about it so that I can take your hand and fucking walk through this shit with you. That is what I signed up for, okay? But I cannot do that if you won’t let me in.

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Do not touch her. She is corrupted.
      The Strain 1x07 - For Services Rendered.

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And the Emmy goes to… Cary Joji Fukunaga, True Detective

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walkerflexasranger bye have you seen this 


This is the greatest post ever.

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“Allow happiness in your life, make being in your forties – and I would say any age – worth it. Time gives me a confidence and awareness I never had before.” 

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"If you go in there and say that you killed Hanna  and it’s the truth, then so be it. But if you go in there and say that you killed her just because you don’t want to deal with this anymore or play the game or keep fighting the good fight, then you are a coward, Daniel."
"Which would you rather it be, sister?"

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Guillermo del Toro accepts the ALS ice bucket challenge and nominates…Ron Perlman, Alfonso Cuarón & Alejandro González Iñárritu

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Sergio Ramos: Here goes my #IceBucketChallenge. I nominate Antonio Banderas @Torres and “Carlos” (as I call him) @MrAncelotti

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Marcelo completes the Ice Bucket Challenge | 17-08-14

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i hate the word fandom so much shut the fuck stop turning things into fandom. i saw a post today about “the bedroom fandom” no it’s fucking interior design. sometimes people are interested in interior design. it is not a fandom. shut the fuck up i hate this website. 

Things are heating up in the anti-fandom fandom

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"Dont say you hate your fam-" No.

"Omg you should love your fami-" No.

"Be grateful they’re your famil-" No.

If you have been bullied, hit, teased, put down, hurt, lied to, or hated by your own family; you don’t need to justify how you feel. You dont need to explain yourself. You are allowed to hate a family member or dislike a family member if they’ve given you a reason to.

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I’ve said this before and I’ll point it out again -

Menstruation is caused by change in hormonal levels to stop the creation of a uterine lining and encourage the body to flush the lining out. The body does this by lowering estrogen levels and raising testosterone.

Or, to put it more plainly “That time of the month” is when female hormones most closely resemble male hormones. So if (cis) women aren’t suited to office at “That time of the month” then (cis) men are NEVER suited to office.

If you are a dude and don’t dig the ladies around you at their time of the month, just think! That is you all of the time.

And, on a final note, post-menopausal (cis) women are the most hormonally stable of all human demographics. They have fewer hormonal fluctuations of anyone, meaning older women like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would theoretically be among the least likely candidates to make an irrational decision due to hormonal fluctuations, and if we were basing our leadership decisions on hormone levels, then only women over fifty should ever be allowed to hold office.


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Eat THAT, hormone-snipers!

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We can’t be together
Is there a God Daniel?
           I want to dance with you, will you dance with me D a n i e l ?

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